Bahamas Yacht Charters

The 700 islands composing the Bahamas are surrounded by the clearest waters on the planet and the tropical beauty found ashore is what daydreams are made of. Private Bahamas yacht charters transport you to this vivid paradise, which is located far away from the real world.

From exploring hidden beaches, to swimming with sharks, a yacht charter in the Bahamas offers excitement around every corner. Here you can explore the ultra-exclusive Exumas (home to more than 365 islands), enjoy the hidden beaches of the Abacos (where you’ll find the country’s largest national park), or island-hop to any number of off-the-beaten-path Bahamas destinations, each one more charming and beautiful than the last.

Want to learn more about the excitement you’ll find on your Bahamas yacht charter? This guide features all of our favorite boating destinations, exhilarating adventures and unforgettable experiences you won’t want to miss on your private charter.

Bahamas Yacht Charters Highlights

  • One of the best charter destinations for water sports
  • Short distances between islands
  • Numerous deserted islands and beaches
  • Crystal clear waters
  • A large selection of yacht rentals (especially motor yachts)
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