Bahamas Yacht Charters

One of the most stunning destinations for crewed yacht rentals

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    The 700 islands composing the Bahamas are surrounded by the clearest waters on the planet and the tropical beauty found ashore is what daydreams are made of. A private Bahamas yacht charter will transport you to this vivid paradise, which is located far away from the real world.

    From exploring hidden beaches, to swimming with sharks, a yacht charter in the Bahamas offers excitement around every corner. Here you can explore the ultra-exclusive Exumas (home to more than 365 islands), enjoy the hidden beaches of the Abacos (where you’ll find the country’s largest national park), or island-hop to any number of off-the-beaten-path Bahamas destinations, each one more charming and beautiful than the last.

    Want to learn more about the excitement you’ll find on your Bahamas yacht charter? This guide features all of our favorite destinations, exhilarating adventures and unforgettable experiences you won’t want to miss on your private charter.

    Bahamas Highlights

    • One of the best charter destinations for water sports
    • Short distances between islands
    • Numerous deserted islands and beaches
    • Crystal clear waters
    • A large selection of yacht rentals (especially motor yachts)

    Best Time to Charter in the Bahamas

    When to go: all year except September and October

    The Bahamas are a year-round yacht charter destination and have similar weather trends to South Florida. Winters are cooler than the rest of the Caribbean and temperatures can occasionally drop to mid to low 60s, especially between December and February. Late spring and summer have the best weather for yacht rentals with warm temperatures, calmer waters, sunny skies and fair winds.

    Where Can I Go on a Bahamas Charter?

    There are many exciting destinations in the Bahamas for private yacht charters, with the Exumas and the Abacos being the most popular.

    Exumas BahamasThe Exumas: Consisting of 365 islands surrounded by sapphire blue waters, the Exumas are a yachter’s dream. The Exumas are one of the most amazing cruising grounds in the world with their natural beauty and untouched eco-system. Whether you’re walking along a deserted beach, swimming with pigs or nurse sharks, or diving under the water’s rim to take in the underwater scenery, this destination offers a memorable vacation.

    Abacos Bahamas - Manjack CayThe Abacos: One hundred and twenty miles of boaters’ paradise make up the Abacos. The turquoise waters are calm, making them ideal not only for sailing, but also for water sports. Here you can find quaint colonial towns, local art and culture, two golf courses, and miles and miles of sandy beaches. The weather is impeccable, boasting sunshine and warm breezes. The islands offer an unmatched beauty both above and below the water.

    7 Reasons Why the Bahamas are One of the Most Popular Yacht Rental Destinations in the World

    • The Bahamas are home to some of the best beaches in the world

    From Nassau to the Exumas and everywhere in between, the Bahamas attracts yacht charter guests from across the globe to sink their toes into the sand on many of the archipelago’s popular and picturesque pink- and white-sand beaches. You can swim in the sparkling waters of Treasure Cay Beach or walk around the sandy coves of Sugar Beach – no matter your interests, there are dozens of beautiful beaches to enjoy.

    • There are more than 700 islands and 2,000 cays to explore

    Whether you’re into activities on land or at sea, the Bahamas ignites a sense of discovery in everyone who visits. And the treasures they find are unbeatable! While most of the 700 islands are uninhabited, there are dozens that are developed and provide a welcome escape for charter guests. The most popular islands to visit are New Providence (where Nassau, the capital, is located) and Paradise Island.

    Bahamas yacht charters have a huge advantage because they can easily navigate from these bigger, bustling islands to the smaller Out Islands, such as Andros, the Exumas or the historic Eleuthera. By boat, you’ll have the whole Bahamas at your disposal.

    • Bahamas waters are crystal clear

    With its lush coral reefs, abundant marine life, and sparkling blue hues, the portion of the Caribbean Sea that surrounds the beautiful Bahamas has been mesmerizing visitors for centuries. Boasting 100-foot visibility, the Bahamas waters are among the 10 clearest in the world.

    • Amazing marine life and wildlife

    The waters of the Bahamas are home to a vast array of marine life, ranging from small reef fish to massive humpback whales. If you are ready for an ultimate adventure, then swim with the nurse sharks at Compass Cay in the Exumas. The gentle sharks will swim up to you and even run against you, hoping for handouts.

    Another major attraction in the Exumas are the famous swimming pigs in Big Major Cay. You will be able to visit these friendly creatures on your charter – just make sure you bring along some treats!

    • Water sports adventures

    These exotic islands aren’t just for snorkeling. The Bahamas are a great destination for water sports enthusiasts. Most of the Bahamas private crewed yachts come complete with a wide variety of water toys, such as jet skis, kayaks, standup paddle boards, wakeboards, kneeboards, water skis and many more.

    • Bahamas subtropical climate promises 340 days of fun in the sun

    With temperatures averaging between 75°F and 84°F in both the winter and summer, the Bahamian islands promise perfect weather almost every day of the year. It’s the ideal climate for morning yoga, an afternoon swim or just relaxing on a yacht deck.

    • The islands of the Bahamas are easily accessible from the United States

    A handful of airlines offer daily flights to Nassau from select U.S. cities all year long. Once you’ve arrived in Nassau, your charter crew will do the rest!

    Bahamas Yacht Charter Reviews

    We had a magnificent experience,everything went on smoothly and enjoyable. Besides having the whole family together, the week in the Exumas was like being in paradise. Climate played on our side, just one shower for 10 minutes more or less. The crew was wonderful,foods and drinks excellent – we will highly recommend this trip to our friends. Irene A.

    Our charter was, in one word, “AMAZING!!!” I had pretty high expectations and the yacht and crew far exceeded all of our expectations. The food was so exceptional (I think I gained some weight). The service was over the top. Our whole trip was fantastic! We fished, swam, snorkeled, fed the pigs, iguanas and sharks. It was a fantasy honeymoon for sure! We just hope to do it again sometime… Audrey R.

    Exuma is indeed a true paradise, and I am surprised our European friends (that have, like ourselves, traveled much around the world) never mentioned it. It is by far the most beautiful place at sea we have seen of its kind, and I am certain we will see it again in the future or suggest it to friends. Roberto C.

    We are back from our fantastic week in the beautiful Bahamas. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, from Captain’s great navigating skills to Chef’s delicious meals. We felt truly spoiled by the attentiveness, warmth, and hospitality of the crew. The kids loved going on the jet skis and exploring the beautiful Exumas – such a paradise. It will be a vacation hard to beat. Sarah P.