Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands are among the world's most spectacular charter destinations

Australia WhitsundaysMade up of 74 islands, only seven of which are actually inhabitable, the Whitsundays archipelago is an oasis of beautiful views and stunning natural surroundings, just a perfect location for luxury yacht charters. Dotting the colorful Coral Sea, surrounding these islands, you’ll find every shade of blue you can imagine.

Adding to its allure, these waters are as calm as they are colorful. In fact, sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, the waters are calm and absolutely perfect for yacht charters all year round.

As a prime yacht charter destination, the Whitsundays are most known for their beautiful beaches, calm waters and dazzling sea life. Perfect whether you’re above or below the water, when you’re done diving through the reefs, come up for air and relax on one of the Whitsundays’ sandy shores. Whitehaven Beach, with its soft silica sands, is undeniably the most popular in the Whitsundays, and Arlie Beach acts as a major coastal hub and a gateway to the rest of the Great Barrier Reef. Most of the Whitsunday Islands are uninhabited, and several even have back-to-nature beach camping and bushwalking. The largest island is, of course, Whitsunday Island, the home of Whitehaven Beach, and is a popular place for yachts to go to explore countless coves and inlets.

Here are just some of the reasons a Whitsundays yacht charter will make for a wonderful vacation at sea:

You can whale-watch on your Whitsundays yacht charter

From June to September every year, whales swim through the waters of the Whitsunday Islands on their northern migration. During this time, you’ll see whales of all sizes jumping and playing with one another in the water. As an added bonus, whales choose the warm, calm waters of the Whitsundays as the perfect place to birth their calves, so expect to see babies, as well.

Whitsundays offer smooth sailing all year round

Because there are so many islands, the waters that surround the Whitsundays have constant barriers that force them to be calmer than other parts of the world. As a result, sailing through the Whitsundays is possible all year round, as is snorkeling and scuba diving.

You can see Hamilton Island Race Week

Hamilton Island is one of the most developed and populated islands in Australia, and has become a haven for those who want to take day trips to the Great Barrier Reef or Whitehaven Beach. Each August, this modern island plays host to Hamilton Island Race Week, an annual event that brings together hundreds of yachters from around the world to race their 30-foot boats, motor yachts, and billion-dollar super yachts. Attracting thousands of yachting enthusiasts from across the globe, this is one of the biggest boating events of the year.

Australia - Whitesundays

Whitehaven Beach has some of the softest sand in the world

Whitehaven Beach is covered in pure, silica sand; a sand so soft and unique that it is used to polish jewelry. Other beaches Whitsundays do not have sand this fine. Geologists believe the sand on this beach drifted to the island millions of years ago, and over time, ice ages and fresh water washed away its impurities — leaving only the purest sand in its wake. Famous for both its sand and views, Whitehaven Beach is constantly regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches across the globe.

Fish in the Great Barrier Reef

This is one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving

Australia is already known for its scuba diving, and the Whitsundays have some of its best dive spots. While there, definitely take advantage of it. You’ll be able to see colorful coral reefs, schools of vibrant fish, sea turtles and a wealth of other friendly creatures.