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  • A beautiful yacht charter destination unlike anywhere else in the world, Australia pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. In Australia, summers are laid-back, the adventures are far and wide, the views are incredible, and the people are friendly. Explore Australia on a luxury crewed yacht charter and you’ll be one of the luckiest travelers in the world.

    In Australia, everyone lives close to the water, and the continent has developed a suburban, southeastern arc that extends from southern Queensland all the way to Adelaide. The weather is always sunny in Australia, which has paved the way for a decidedly outdoor lifestyle; one where hikes, BBQs and days at sea are the norm.

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    While it rivals America’s size, Australia has one of the lowest country population densities on Earth. This contributes to its beautiful natural surroundings, especially considering much of Australia is still untouched. The most iconic of its landscapes are definitely the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands and the Outback. While the former of the two attracts divers from across the globe, the latter has a reputation of historic proportions. This fabled desert, which goes far beyond the Great Dividing Range, is an oasis of blue skies, cinnamon-red earth, deserted gorges and geological features that are as bizarre as its exotic wildlife is unique.

    Australia yacht charters let you explore the continent’s landscapes, talk to its friendly people, visit ancient art sites, dive into its waters, and be part of Australia’s amazing culture. Telling you all the reasons why we love Australia could take hours — so we’ve listed just a few of them below.

    Australia is home to every type of landscape you can imagine, both above and below the water

    From Margaret River to Cooktown, Jabiru, Dover, and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is filled with coral reefs, every type of animal and sea creature you can imagine, deserts, sea views, beaches and more.

    See exotic wildlife on your Australia yacht charter

    Where else in the world can you see a kangaroo hopping along the beach? A charter in Australia will bring you up close and personal to the exotic underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef as well as an amazing myriad of land animals that are native to this beautiful country.

    Australia has a thriving arts and culture scene

    Arts and culture in Australia has everything from offbeat theatre productions and amazing live bands, to sophisticated art openings, outdoor music festivals, movie premieres and more. In a part of the world once only regarded for its “outdoorsy” lifestyle, today, Australia has developed its own culture. While chartering in Australia, look for its aboriginal art scene. Aboriginal painting and dance are, even now, timeless and captivating.

    A meal in Australia is hearty, sophisticated, and exotic

    Your yacht’s Chef will spoil you with Australian dishes during your charter. Also, go to a local restaurant, and you’ll find dishes influenced by European techniques and Pacific-rim flavors, with seafood, beef, lamb and chicken being popular options. Beer in Australia goes with everything, and Australian wines — like Barossa Valley shiraz and Tasmanian sauvignon blancs — have gained international acclaim. The coffee cafe scene in Australia is also a popular hangout. In this part of the world, there’s a food scene for everyone.

    Head to the big cities — they’re some of the trendiest in the world

    In Australia, most cities are on the coast, boasting an impressive collection of beaches, restaurants, bars, nightlife, and of course, Pacific Ocean views. Go to Melbourne for the arts scene and Aussie Rules football, the most popular sport in the continent, and head to Sydney for its diverse natural surroundings. Each city is as different as the next.

    When is the Best Time to Charter in Australia

    Australia’s winter – between May and October – is the best time for a yacht charter in Australia. There are two main zones:

    1. South: the Whitsundays
    – May through October are the most popular months, with the famous sailing race in August (Audi Hamilton Island Race Week)
    – December will cater for some great charters, including Christmas and New Years charters and into January. The weather is very stable, winds are low, rain is generally not prominent, water is warm.

    2. North: The Northern part of the Great Barrier Reef
    – May through October are the most popular months for charters
    – October – November are renowned for marlin fishing
    – December, Christmas and New Years are a little more risky is terms of weather stability, but the water is warm and winds are low. However, there are jellyfish in the water, and an easy way to avoid them is for guests to wear Stinger Suits.

    Book a crewed Australia yacht charter with Worldwide Boat and experience the fantastic world of the Great Barrier Reef and fascinating landscapes of Australia. Yachting experience in paradise awaits you!