Sitka to Juneau Charter Itinerary

If you only have a week to spend in the beautiful Alaska wilderness, then we suggest a one way itinerary from Sitka to Juneau. There is no better way to experience this amazing destination than from the comfort and safety of your own private Alaska yacht charter.

Sitka to Juneau map

Day 1

The yacht charter will start with a visit to Sitka, the oldest and probably the most beautiful city in southeast Alaska. Sightseeing will include a tour of the National Historic Park where you can see the Tlingit Indian Fort and the collection of Haida and Tlinget totem poles.

Sitka Alaska

Day 2

As the yacht passes open waters, you’re sure to see orcas and humpbacks swimming quite close to the yacht. The day will be spend kayaking in Bay Bear Bay, a bay that is entered through a narrow strait and completely landlocked, creating extremely still waters ideal for exploring up close.

Whales in Chutnam Strait

Day 3

Sailing into Red Bluff Bay is a breath-taking experience, as nature has combined mountains, waterfalls, and glistening ice fields to produce a memorable sight. Yacht charter guests will have excellent photo opportunities of both the natural surrounds and the varied wildlife of the area.

Day 4

No Alaska vacation would be complete without a visit to Baranof Warm Springs. Located just off of Chatham Strait, the hot springs are next to a beautiful 100-foot waterfall. Glacially-fed freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams surround the area and the tall trees are home to bald eagle nests, which you will certainly see soaring silently in the sky. The biggest attraction is the series of nine different hot springs, which range in temperature, reaching as high as 120-degrees Fahrenheit. Soaking in the warm waters while sipping a cool drink under the Northern Lights is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Day 5

Enjoy kayaking through the small coves, islets, and reefs of Snug Cove, located in Gambier Bay on Admiralty Island. The area is part of Tongass National Forest and consists of thick rainforest of spruce and hemlock. You can expect to observe plenty of local wildlife, including brown bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, migratory waterfowl, and shorebirds. The bay is quite remote and is a great place for humpback whale watching.

Admiralty Island brown bears

Day 6

The yacht will cruise to the east side of Admiralty Island where you will see stellar sea lions sunning themselves, and then we’ll drop anchor in Cannery Cove, the former site of a cannery in the 1920s. The view is beautiful and at low tide, you will have the opportunity to watch the brown bears head to the coastline to feed. Admiralty Island has the highest population of Brown Bears in the state and is part of the Kootsnoowoo Wilderness, meaning “the Fortress of Bears.”

Day 7

Sail through the beautiful scenery of the Tracy Arm peninsula, which is made up of tall rocky walls surrounded by ice floes, and punctuated with stunning waterfalls. At the tip of the arm you will observe the North and South Sawyer glaciers. Both are calving glaciers, meaning they may suddenly release a chunk of ice into the surrounding waters. A loud cracking sound often precedes the breaking away of the ice chunk and the crash of the iceberg into the water can create large waves. Ice calving has become a major tourist attraction in Alaska, and all safety precautions are observed to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Tracy Arm fjord

Day 8

Spend a day touring Juneau, the capital of Alaska, sight-seeing in the city, shopping, touring the Mendenhall Glacier, and other activities.

Juneau Alaska