Juneau to Juneau Charter Itinerary

A week long Alaska yacht charter itinerary starting and ending in Juneau will let you explore historic and cultural landmarks as well as unspoiled nature, glaciers and amazing Alaska wildlife. With such a variety of wilderness sites, culture and art that you will be able to see, there is no wonder why Juneau itinerary is one of the most popular itineraries for Alaska charters.

Juneau to Juneau itinerary map

Day 1

When you arrive in Juneau, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the capital city, go shopping, and explore the historic and cultural sites. Perhaps you can visit Mendenhall Glacier, located on the north side of the city. The glacier sits behind a freshwater lake which is fed by the Juneau Icecap.

Juneau Alaska

Day 2

In the morning, you can explore the village of Hoonah, which is located along the Inside Passage. This seaside community is built on steep coastal mountains with tall evergreens reaching to the blue skies. While you’ll definitely enjoy watching the area wildlife, you may also like exploring the native totem poles located in front of the high school and at Icy Straight Point. You may also choose to go shopping before heading to Takatz Bay for a delicious meal from an Alaskan-style crab cookout and a relaxing evening under the stars.

Inside Passage Alaska

Day 3

Watch the water falling from the mountains in beautiful streams as you enter one secluded cove after another. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the Hidden Falls salmon fish hatchery, an important fixture in southeastern Alaska. This successful hatchery has the largest chum salmon return – an annual 1.9 million fish. In addition to chum, the hatchery also releases coho and Chinook. Next you’ll sail to the Baranof Warm Springs, where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the pools that reach temperatures as high as 120-degrees Fahrenheit. Hike up the mountain from the village of Baraof through the temperate rain forests and past icy freshwater lakes with many streams and rivers throughout the area. The abundant water sources draw many varieties of wildlife, making it a great area for simply relaxing and watching the nature around you. As the sun begins to set, you’ll cruise through Red Bluff Bay to anchor overnight.

Day 4

In the morning, you’ll head to Pybus Bay, a sheltered area with numerous waterways to explore by kayak as well as many islands inhabited only by sea lions. Enjoy the areas fine dining establishments with fresh seafood served daily.

Humpback whale

Day 5

Alaska yacht charter will cruise to Frederick Sound, where you will enjoy a spectacular sight of humpback and orca whales swimming alone and in groups. You may even have an opportunity to see a “bubble feeding,” where a group of whales encircle a school of fish with bubbles in order to keep them together and make for easy prey. As you sail through Seymour Canal, you’ll have a front seat to brown bears foraging in the coastline bushes and fishing for salmon in what is one of the busiest salmon runs in the area.

Day 6

At the mouth of Holkham Bay, you’ll have a front-row seat to the SumDum Glacier as well as floating icebergs which are flowing from the calving North and South Sawyer Glaciers. You’ll spend the day hiking in the rainforest under the towering spruce trees, kayaking on the smooth waters of the bay, and craning your neck to view the bald eagles soaring above.

Tracy Arm fjord

Day 7

Passing into Tracy Arm, you’ll see snow-capped mountains in the distance and cruise by rocky cliffs. Mountain goats amble on the steep rocks with unbelievable agility. Bears appear at the water’s edge, seeking a meal. Waterfalls splash down from amazing heights, catching the sunlight and forming rainbows in the air. You’ll be able to see the ice breaking from the North Sawyer Glacier and falling into the water below.

Gastineau Channel Alaska

Day 8

In the early morning light, you’ll cruise through Stephen’s Passage and Gastineau Channel to arrive back at Juneau.