Alaska Yacht Charters

Experience one of the last bastions of the great wild

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  • Discover the magic of southeastern Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard an unforgettable luxury Alaska yacht charter. There is nothing like experiencing breathtaking vistas first hand as you cruise through narrow fjords and past towering blue glaciers. Visit cities such as the state capital, Juneau, the cultural center, Ketchikan, historic Wrangell, and Petersburg aboard one of our gorgeous Alaska charter boats, and you’ll see a uniquely memorable side of the Last Frontier!

    Alaska yacht and glacier

    Chartering one of our private boats frees you to explore the wildlife and natural wonders of Alaska. Charter yachts offer a great way to venture into the Tongass National Forest and see its bald eagles and bears, or cruise near spawning salmon, puffins, and lounging sea lions. Humpback whales and orcas can swim in the beautiful waters alongside your yacht, allowing you to get close views and fabulous photographs. Alaska yacht charters offer a completely different type of experience compared to our other charter destinations, but it is nothing less than awe-inspiring; there’s a reason why so many people put Alaska on their bucket lists!

    We at Worldwide Boat have access to a wide network of Alaska charter yachts, with many custom-designed schedules and knowledgeable crews. We will carefully choose the perfect vessel and crew to suit your vacation needs and work with you on planning itineraries, activities, and even meals that will exceed your expectations. Contact us online to learn more about our Alaska yacht charters and book the trip of a lifetime.

    Why Charter a Yacht in Alaska?

    Alaska will surround you with nature’s most spectacular beauty
    Our yacht charters to Alaska will take you to secluded islands, iceberg-filled waters, and impressive glaciers. Escape to a natural wilderness that will awe and inspire you.

    Witness wildlife in its natural surroundings
    Cruise through ancient forests and see wildlife in its natural habitat. While humpback whales dance around you, you may spot a group of orcas or catch a glimpse of a rare blue whale. Aboard one of our Alaska charter boats, look out for porpoises, harbor seals, sea lions, and sea otters on the water. Look for black bears, grizzly bears, deer, and bald eagles in the forests.

    Get up close and personal with a glacier
    Nothing is more magical than cruising past towering glaciers while icebergs sway on the water and chunks of ice crash into the water below. Inside Passage glacier tours will bring you past walls of ice, stunning waterfalls, and wildlife sunning on ice floes.

    Alaska is a bird-watcher’s paradise
    Southeast Alaska has a wide array of bird species, including many varieties that migrate through the region. Each autumn and spring sees the largest gathering of bald eagles in the world. Puffins, known as the “sea parrot,” stand out with their black and white bodies, brightly-colored bills, and webbed feet.

    Explore Alaska’s history and culture
    Ketchikan is a cultural center with sites such as the Tongass Historical Museum and the Totem Heritage Center, which has an impressive collection of totem poles. Misty Fjords National Monument was created by an ancient glacier and features native rock art on the monument walls accented by gorgeous waterfalls. Wrangell, the third-oldest city in Alaska, includes the Chief Shakes Tribal House historic site on Shakes Island and Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park. Petersburg is a quaint fishing town that ties Alaska to its Norwegian roots.

    Alaska has a short charter window
    Alaska is a draw for yacht guests, but its greatest shortcoming is the weather, making charter season only a few months long. Book your Alaska yacht charter from mid-May through mid-September, when the daylight hours are longer and temperatures are pleasant.

    An Alaska charter is unlike any other vacation in the world. Allow us to help you find the perfect yacht for your and your family and create a trip that you will always remember with awe and wonder.