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Experience the beauty of Alaska as you cruise through narrow fjords and past towering blue glaciers. Visit cities such as the state capital of Juneau, the cultural center of Ketchikan, the historic Wrangell, and Petersburg with its Norwegian past.

Known for its beautiful coastline, mystical charm, diverse geography and protected, deep blue waters, Australia has become one of the most desired destinations for yacht charters across the globe.

The Bahamas is known to have some of the best beaches in the world. From Nassau to the Exumas, and everywhere in between. Sink your toes in the sand in many of the archipelago’s popular, and picturesque, pink- and white-sand beaches. Escape away to paradise.

The BVI are an undisputed sailing capital of the world. With warm temperatures, gentle breezes and calm anchorages, the British Virgin Islands are the perfect charter destination year around. The islands offer the perfect combination of tranquility and Caribbean fun.

You can snorkel in the warm Caribbean Sea and come face to face with brightly-colored fish in the coral reefs. Cruise to the islands to go shopping, golfing, and visit some of famous bars like Foxy’s, the Soggy Dollar, or Bomba’s Shack with its famous full moon parties.

Set sail on the sapphire blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Dotted with majestic castles, welcoming ports and remnants of history, all bustling with Croatia's frequent and smiling travelers and inhabitants, Croatia comes alive with its inherent Mediterranean beauty.

Cuba is a place where rolling mountains descend onto dazzling shores, where doting grandfathers smoke fine cigars and drive vintage cars, and where locals grab a beer and debate the latest baseball game. Step back in time on your yacht charter in Cuba.

Florida is a yacht charter delight. The Miami area and its beaches, plus the Florida Keys, offer fun, romance, or relaxation. This is ideal destination where you can mingle with celebrities, sip margaritas at Jimmy Buffet’s hangout, or play in the water all day.

The remote island chain of the Galapagos Islands are spread over 19,500 square miles in the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. They are volcanic islands in an archipelago that straddles the equator and are part of the country of Ecuador. Exotic wildlife is abound.

Greece is known as the birthplace of democracy and the western civilization. With amazing views of the jagged coastline and over 6,000 islands and islets throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas, Greece is renown for it’s elegant beaches and has much to offer.

From coastal France and lively Ibiza, to the idyllic islands in Greece, Croatia and Italy - all known for their beautiful landscape, golden sand beaches, friendly people, enchanting views and authentic culture - the vast Mediterranean is unlike any other place on earth.

An oasis of palm-fringed beaches, lush jungles, spicy cuisine, a vibrant nightlife, Mayan pyramids and amazing ancient architecture, and some of the most hospitable locals around, Mexico is an enchanting destination for adventurous charter guests.

Experience the beauty of New England as you cruise along the rocky coastline, explore quaint coastal towns, dock in picturesque harbors and indulge in fresh seafood. Visit Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Cape Cod, Boston and more.

Explore Norway and its breathtaking fjords and spectacular scenery on your next luxury yacht charter. Norway is the ideal destination for active and adventurous charter guests, offering the perfect combination of land and water activities.

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands throughout five archipelagos within the South Pacific Ocean, just a perfect destination for yacht charters. Many people refer to the entire area simply as Tahiti, which is the largest island in the group.

Thailand with its calm waters, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and fascinating architecture is one of the most exciting charter destinations in the world. Rarely can one find a place that seems untouched by time yet so vibrant with life.

Travel back in time to see remnants of ancient civilizations bordered by clear, blue waters; pristine, sandy beaches; and tall, pine forests – all from the comfort of a modern, luxury yacht. Experience all of the magic of the Eastern Mediterranean.