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Understanding How Your Crew Provides a Perfect Charter

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Charter yachts come in all shapes and sizes, and like their exteriors, crews range in size as well. On a small yacht, you might have a three-person crew: stewardess, chef and deck hand. On luxury megayachts, you might have a crew of 10 or more. No matter how small or large, the crew is critical in making your private yacht charter as memorable as possible.

Crews ensure you’re always taken care of – you’ll never have a want for anything. Crew members maintain the condition of the yacht, cook and serve delicious meals tailored to your preference sheet and provide a relaxing and stress-free voyage. Here’s a quick guideline of each crew member’s role in providing the perfect experience:


The captain, of course, is the top dog on any vessel, planning the course for the trip. Whatever the captain says, goes. So, make sure he or she knows your itinerary preferences and help you plan. Captains often know the best, most beautiful anchorages in every location, as well as the best ports of call to visit.

Yet, captains have a priority to keep someone safe. They’ll make every effort to meet your expectations, but be respectful. Captains can’t meet unrealistic itinerary demands, and they can’t control the weather.


Charter guests love the chef. That makes sense. Chefs craft every meal to delight guests and inspire on-board diners with innovative, delicious dishes. The chef is responsible for all food and beverages you’ll enjoy during your vacation – from those morning mimosas and fresh-baked muffins, to the six-course tasting menu you’ve requested.

A few tips for working with the chef:

  • Tip 1: First, ask for sample menus and learn about the chef’s expertise, prior to departing. If you love French cuisine, you’ll want a chef with French cooking experience.
  • Tip 2: Provide detailed info on your preference sheet: Any food allergies, your favorite dishes and drinks, and anything that you’d never eat.
  • Tip 3: Finally, yacht chefs work long hours; be cosiderate of early morning breakfasts and late dinners, especially on the same day.
Chief Steward/Stewardess

Your chief steward oversees and coordinates the interior services through your charter. This includes on-board service, in-room service, as well as shoreside meals and excursions. Great crews provide world-class service, ensuring that all your needs are met.

  • Bonus Tip: Although the chief steward’s role varies by yacht, guests can typically view the steward as a concierge. A chief stewardess can help you plan transfers, make reservations for you and your guests, and serve as a guide for a shore side excursion, in most cases.
Interior Crew

Interior crews provide all of your on-board service; their goal is to transform the yacht into a floating resort. From al fresco dinner services, to nightly turndown service, the interior crew provides true luxury service, while you’re on the yacht.

Deck Crew

Deck crews maintain the deck of the yacht. Deck crews provide a wide range of services: from tidying the deck, to setting up water toys for you and your guests and provide water taxi service (on larger yachts). On some smaller yachts, deck crew members may double as servers or bartenders, as well.


You probably won’t see the ship’s engineer while on charter, but you’ll be glad he’s working for you! Engineers make sure the engines run properly, and occasionally fill in as tender drivers and or help with water toy setup. In general, though, they spend their time below deck.

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