How to Plan and Book Your Charter

Step by step explanation of booking your charter and planning your vacation on the water

Belle Aimee yachtThere is nothing like a luxury vacation on the water where you can try a variety of water sports and visit numerous islands and coastal towns. And all this while being served the best gourmet food and pampered day in and out. Ready to charter a yacht? Let’s get started! Follow the steps below to book the yacht, and vacation, of your dreams.

Contact a charter broker.

First things first. When you want to charter a yacht, you need to find a yacht broker. Your yacht broker will be there, throughout the process, to do all of the hard work for you — from dealing with the contract and charter cost, to helping you choose your menu options, destination, ports of call and more. The best part? Their service is completely free of charge to you, as their fees are paid by the owner of the yachts they broker.

Let your broker help you choose a yacht and destination.

There are so many yachts on the market today, and even more destinations to sail them to. Ranging in all extremes of luxury, from catamarans for a small family, to mega yachts with a helipad, every charter will be a different experience for everyone. Your charter can be whatever you want it to be, from an adventure at sea or a quiet escape, to a corporate cruise or a fun-filled family trip. Choose your dream yacht and your dream destination, and get the process going.

Confirm your charter contract and make a deposit.

Your yacht broker will put together your charter agreement, which will include all the important details about your charter vacation. They include: which yacht you choose, your intended destinations, price, onboard menus and more. There are different types of contracts, but the three most common ones are MYBA Terms, Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms and the Caribbean Terms Inclusive. Under most contracts, 50% of the charter fee will need to be paid when you agree to a contract and sign it.

Talk to your charter broker and captain about your itinerary.

After you book your crewed yacht charter, it’s time to plan where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do while you’re there. Don’t know where to start? That’s what your yacht charter broker is for. Using tips and tricks from his or her own yachting experience, your broker will help make sure you see and do everything you should, and travel in style throughout the process.

Fill out your preference form.

After you confirm your charter, you’ll receive a preference sheet to fill out before you begin your vacation. On this form, you’ll be asked mark your preferred activities, food and wine preferences, guest lists and any medical issues, so that your crew can be ready for your stay. From there, your captain will use this form to make sure all your needs and requests are met at sea.

Pay the remainder of the balance.

One month before your scheduled charter date, you’ll need to pay the remaining 50% of your charter balance. Your Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) will also be due at this time. An APA covers the cost of all fuel, food, special equipment and any other provisions you might need, and constitutes about 30% of the total cost of your charter.

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