Packing for your Yacht Charter

Tips on How to Pack and what to bring along on your next yacht charter

Chartering a yacht makes life easy – packing for any trip makes life difficult. When getting ready for your next charter vacation, plan to pack in a soft, medium-sized bag. (This will make it easier to store your suitcase on a yacht, which typically has less closet and drawer space than you’re likely accustomed to.) Then follow our DO’s and DON’T’s below to know exactly what to fill it with:

DON’T leave home without your travel documents.

If you’re traveling outside your home country, you’ll need to have certain travel documents on hand as you sail through international waters. Bring your passport or visa, tickets, cash, credit cards and another form of identification, like a Driver’s License, just to be safe.

DO pack different kinds of shoes.

When you charter a yacht, you’ll constantly find yourself hopping from sundecks, to sandy shores, to the sea – and you’ll need the right shoes for each. Most yachts don’t allow passengers to wear street shoes onboard, so you’ll need to have flip-flops or light-soled shoes to wear around the yacht. Bring shoes you can get dirty for your on-land excursions, and if you’re with young kids, pack water shoes so children can protect their feet from sharp rocks or sea urchins.

DON’T forget your swimsuit.

You’re on a boat. Needles to say, you’ll need a swimsuit – or five. Remember: your yacht is your own personal paradise, so there’s no dress code. Your bathing suit will likely be both the first thing you throw on in the morning and the last thing you take off.

DO bring a cover up.

When you live in your bathing suit, you’ll eventually need a cover up. Tees, tank tops and sarongs are great options for women, while lightweight pants promise to protect all passengers from sunburned legs. Unless you’re going into a church or monastery, where dress code rules are stricter, you can usually stay in your cover up when you anchor and explore a destination.

DO bring a lightweight sweater.

Yes, you’re on a yacht, so yes, it’s likely hot outside. However, those sea breezes (especially at night) are no joke – so bring a light sweater or jacket to prepare for all occasions.

DON’T go in the sun unprotected.

If you’re going to be in the sun all day, pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and anything else you need to protect yourself from the sun. When choosing sunscreens, avoid those that contain oil, as that can stain teak decks, canvas decks and sunbed cushions.

DON’T forget your meds.

There’s no predicting how “choppy” the water will be, so if you’re sensitive to waves, make sure you bring seasickness medicine, like Dramamine or Bonine. Furthermore, since you’re going to be in foreign countries with medications that might be unfamiliar to you, it’s important that you bring all of your basic over-the-counter pain, cold and allergy medications: like Advil, Nyquil, Tylenol, Benadryl and more. Whatever you pack, make sure it’s “non-drowsy.” After all of the excitement of chartering a yacht, you don’t want to sleep through the trip!