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Yacht Charter Cuisine: Helpful Tips for Personalizing Your On-Board Dining Experience

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Picture this: You wake up, and you are in the middle of the Caribbean. You’re relaxing on your yacht’s deck, soaking in the sun, and letting the fresh ocean breeze flow through your hair. The only thing that could make this blissful: Eggs Benedict and a chilled mimosa.

On a luxury yacht charter, you just have to ask! Charter cuisine is often guests’ favorite experience, because it’s so personalized. Every meal item – whether you’d like contemporary American fare, or an Italian-inspired wine pairing menu – is up to you. Your chef will work to accommodate everything that you want, from hearty breakfasts to Gatsby-esque soirees.

Looking for a few tips for working with your charter chef? Here are some things everyone should do before departing on a charter:

  • Complete Your Preference Sheet – You and your guests should submit and complete your preference sheet prior to departing.
  • Expect a Tailored Experience – Chefs create custom menus for every charter; make sure all your special requests are on your preference sheet.
  • Add Your Likes and Dislikes on the Preference Sheet – Chefs use the info on the preference sheet to provision. If you can’t go a week without strawberry ice cream, make sure you include that info.
  • Dietary Restrictions Are Not A Problem – Make sure any dietary restrictions are included on your sheet. Charter chefs have the culinary know-how to create a perfect menu for you, whether you need gluten-free, low-carb or some Southern-style BBQ.
  • Don’t Forget to Add Your Beverage Preferences – Like a particular wine or have a brand preference on whiskey? Make sure you include favorite beers, wines, spirits and mixers on your sheet.
  • Kid-Friendly Menus Work Too – Add preferences for any younger guests; your chef is happy to create non-as-exotic dishes for the kiddos.
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