Yacht Charter Crew

A good crew is one of the most important elements for a successful yacht charter

Arioso crewCharter yachts come in all shapes and sizes, and like their exteriors, their crews change as well. Ranging everywhere from just a Stewardess, Chef and Deck Hand, to larger mega yacht crews of 30 or more, your crew is your lifeblood during your charter.

Ensuring you are always taken care of, your crew does everything from maintain the condition of the yacht and cook your breakfast, to serve you dinner, clean your room, guide the ship, and make sure it stays running. And as critical as they are to your journey, it’s important to know exactly what they do.

Here are some of the key members of your charter crew that you’re likely to find onboard:


As the most important member of your crew, the Captain helms the yacht and controls where it goes. Whatever the Captain says goes, so it’s important to make sure he or she knows your destination preferences, and he or she can always help with itinerary suggestions. Because he or she is the person in charge, it’s also important to be respectful. Don’t make unrealistic demands and definitely don’t ignore the Captain’s weather advice.


We love the chef. Why? Because the chef is in charge of the wonderful food you’ll be eating throughout your stay. Preparing everything from early morning mimosas and muffins, to casual BBQs and elaborate, four-course candlelit dinners, the chef is typically as flexible as he or she is talented. Before you get on a yacht, it is important to ask for sample menus and find out the chef’s area of expertise. Tell the chef what you like to eat or drink, and if you have any food allergies, make sure they’re known. Keep in mind that the chef works long hours, so be cognizant of early morning breakfasts and late dinners, especially when they’re on the same day.

Chief Steward/Stewardess

A Chief Steward or Stewardess oversees and coordinates the activities of the Interior Crew members onboard a yacht. To become a Chief Steward or Stewardess, you need to experience working in various parts of the yacht, and have formal training in hospitality in general. The responsibilities of anyone in this position will change with each yacht, but as a rule, you can view them as both your concierge and staff manager. The Chief Steward or Stewardess, and his or her entire Interior Crew, adds that touch of service that gives any yachting escape the air of luxury you’d expect.

Interior Crew

The Interior Crew turns your yacht experience into a floating hotel and restaurant. And don’t let the name fool you – they’ll serve you al fresco meals, as well. The Interior Crew is supervised by the Chief Steward/Stewardess. As a team, they are the individuals who change your sheets, make sure you have fresh towels, clean the cabins and living areas, leave chocolates on your pillow, and help you with any other “housekeeping” issues you might have.

Deck Crew

Your deck crew is the group of individuals who maintain the deck of the yacht. This crew includes everyone from the Deck Hand, who handles the dock lines and tenders, to the First Officer, the person second in command to the Captain. On smaller yachts, the deck crew may double as servers, bartenders and other members of the Interior Crew. While it’s important to know what each member of your Deck Crew does, all members of the crew act as a team, so if one can’t help you, he or she will find someone who can.


You’ll rarely see an Engineer during your charter, but you’ll be really glad they’re there. Engineers make sure the engines run properly, fill in as tender drivers and occasionally help with larger water toys, but in general, they spend their time below decks. And since yacht systems are constantly going, even when the yacht is anchored, these engineers are hard at work.