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Get Ready for an Adventure: Activities Available On-Board

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You’ve chosen your yacht, you’ve set up your itinerary and you’ve packed your bags. Your adventure is finally here! It’s time to set sail and see the world, and you couldn’t be more excited.

But now you’re wondering; Will I be bored on the yacht? Will I feel trapped? How will I spend my days at sea?

That’s anxiety any first-time yachter has had. But here’s the good news: Charter yachts are floating resorts. They offer a wide range of activities and entertainment options, not to mention you’ll have a chance to head ashore most days if you’re looking for a change of scenery. Here are a few ways you’ll spend your days onboard:

Onboard Activities

You’ll find an endless array of activities to keep you occupied on board. Looking to let off some steam? Head to the onboard jump, throw a cocktail party or dance the day (or night) away on your beach club. Craving something hands-on and creative? Get a cooking lesson from the chef or a mixology class from the interior crew.

If you’re after relaxation, well, there are so many options: From a quiet sunrise with a mimosa to an onboard massage, to a long spa soak. Not to mention, every day you’ll have the option to throw a yacht party. Whether you’d prefer a dinner party where the wine flows or a classy cocktail hour with friends, that’s all possible.

Water Activities

The sea is your oyster while you’re on a yacht charter. And depending on the yacht you charter, you’ll have your pick of water toys and activities. Fast tenders, sea kayaks, sea bobs, paddleboards, and jet skis are just a few common options. Want to spend some time in the water? Plan a snorkeling trip to view the coral up close. And of course, almost everyone looks forward to the thrill of flying down two stories on the yacht’s slide.

Quick Tip: Every yacht’s selection of water toys is different. So, be sure you tell your broker a few toys you wouldn’t want to go without when you book your charter.

Land Activities

Yacht charters whisk guests away to some of the most incredible corners of the globe, from the iconic seaside towns of the Amalfi Coast to deserted islands in the Bahamas. And as a charter guest, the shoreside experiences are incredible.

From checking out uninhabited islands or world-class beaches to enjoying a glass of wine at a bar overlooking the sea, a new experience or must-see destination is in every port of call. Your interior crew can offer suggestions. But depending on your destination, a few favorites include ATV tours, hiking, cliff-diving, tours, wine tastings, dancing, and beach picnics.

A Typical Day on Charter: What to Expect from Sun Up to Sun Down

Chartering a yacht comes with one, undeniable freedom: You can do whatever pretty much whatever you want. And because each charter is tailored to the preferences of the client, no two itineraries are the same.
You might be wondering though: What’s a typical day like? Here’s a sample itinerary to give you a taste of what to expect:

7 a.m.

Wake up and watch the sunrise with a latte in hand, or sleep in and come down for an alfresco breakfast a little later. No one is there telling you what to do, so wake up as late (or early) as you want.

9 a.m.

Whether you’re in the Mediterranean, Thailand, or New England, anchor your yacht for some early morning water toy play. Not in the mood to get in the water? Stay on board, grab a lounge chair, and work on your tan. If diving in sounds good to you, hop on jetskis or grab a kayak and explore the surroundings.


After an hour or two of swimming and tanning, you once again set sail and have now arrived at your next port of call. And good thing, too, because it’s lunchtime and you’re hungry. After your captain docks the boat, disembark and head onshore to get a taste of the local life. If you don’t know where to go, ask your captain for some tips, or immerse yourself in the scene and ask a local onshore.

After a delicious shore lunch, roam through eclectic shops, head to the beach, or check out a UNESCO World Heritage Site (if there’s one nearby). Bottom line, wherever you dock, you’ll have a chance to see what your destination has to offer. That is, unless you just want to relax all day and eat a delicious meal, prepared by your very own chef, onboard. (Remember: On a yacht, you always decide!)

5 p.m.

You’ve enjoyed an afternoon layover on a tiny island, but now you’re ready to harbor overnight at a bigger port just a few hours away. You go back to your yacht, shower, and get ready for dinner. Tonight, it’s a sunset feast on the sunset!

7 p.m.

Dinner is served! You walk outside, friends and family in tow, and you see a table that could be featured in a magazine. The sun is beginning to set, so you all sit down. A member of your crew comes around with a choice of still or sparkling water, then red or white wine, and dinner is served. Tonight, it’s Mediterranean Sea Bass prepared by the yacht’s dedicated, five-star chef.

8 p.m.

As you open your table’s third bottle of wine, you anchor in your new port and discuss all of the activities you plan to do on shore the next day. There are so many options! Some of your group wants to snorkel, some want to shop, some want to lounge on the beach, and one wants to stay on board and spend a day relaxing in peaceful solitude.

But before you get to tomorrow, there’s still more fun, food, drinking, and laughter to be had. After all, your night in paradise has only just begun. Just sit back, listen to waves crash just beyond the harbor, and watch the stars come out.

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