Charter Advice

Advice and tips on booking and planning your next yacht charter

Tips and advice on selecting the right yacht, booking a charter and planning your next luxury vacation on the water.

A Typical Day on a Charter

Chartering a yacht comes with one, undeniable freedom: you can pretty much do whatever, and go wherever, you want. And because each charter is tailored …

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Activities on your Charter

You’ve chosen your yacht, you’ve set up your itinerary and you’ve packed your bags. Your adventure is finally here! It’s time to set sail and …

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Charter Crew

Charter yachts come in all shapes and sizes, and like their exteriors, their crews change as well. Ranging everywhere from just a Stewardess, Chef and …

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Charter Cuisine

Picture this: You wake up, and you are in the middle of the Caribbean. You are relaxing on your yacht’s deck, soaking in the sun, …

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Crewed Charter Cost

Our Charter Specialists are here to assist you in planning every detail of your yacht charter vacation and to explain the cost of chartering a …

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How to Plan and Book your Charter

There is nothing like a luxury vacation on the water where you can try a variety of water sports and visit numerous islands and coastal …

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Packing for Your Charter

Chartering a yacht makes life easy – packing for any trip makes life difficult. When getting ready for your next charter vacation, plan to pack …

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Tipping on your Yacht Charter

Tipping on a yacht charter is always tricky business. Why? Because you don’t want to break the bank… but you also don’t want to be …

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Yacht Charter Contract

Your charter contract is a document between you, the charterer and the owner of the yacht, and includes everything from dates, locations and ports of …

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