Kimberly Daubner

Yacht Charter Broker

Kimberly Daubner headshotGrowing up the youngest of 5 children, in what was then a small seaside city of La Jolla California, where the ocean and nearby bays were her playground; with the dream and idea that she would one day fill her passport with stamps and experiences from unique and far-away locations.

Early career paths in the apparel and fashion industry helped her realize that dream, but it was when she met the Captain of her heart, a yacht captain, that she took the leap and made the change to yachting. Attending the Culinary Institute of America, honing her palate and skills proved to be a great choice for her happy charter guests while she and her husband cruised with guests to exotic locations.

Since moving careers for her “3rd Chapter” career as a Charter Broker, Kimberly’s laser-like focus, tenacious and friendly spirit has been on carefully choosing the correct vessel with the best suited crew, attending to every detail before, during and after charter for her client’s, is her ultimate goal. To be pro-active in helping to create amazing experiences.

She still enjoys obtaining her passport stamps while traveling to Charter Shows to inspect vessels, interviewing the crew on-board (especially the chef), developing relationships with managers and getting to know on-shore facilitators so that even the most unique request from her clients can be realized with confidence.

Kimberly Daubner family

When not arranging charter vacations for her clients, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her family and friends and  fundraising and raising awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Colon Cancer and Alzheimer’s Association.

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