Emir Vohra

Charter Marketing

Emir Vohra headshotBorn in Fort Lauderdale and raised in Toronto, Canada with both a father and sister who worked in the yachting industry, Emir Vohra has been exposed to many aspects of the marine life since an early age.

During his years in Toronto he developed a keen interest in technology and advertising, and graduated with honors in Advertising and Media Communications.

After working in a multinational digital advertising firm, Emir felt the urge to learn more and found himself back in university, this time pursuing a degree in Business Management & Technology.

From tagging along with his father to ship yards across the globe, Emir has found the most fascinating component of yachting to be the high level of craftsmanship and innate character that is built from the ground up for discerning clients of all kinds.

Within Worldwide Boat, Emir’s goal is to find the marriage between technology and yachting. In his role as a charter marketing director, he is happy to bring an outside eye to the world of yachting and provide exceptional services to clients considering charters.

He holds his belief closely that a charter broker should be unbiased, helpful, and a source of information in all ways possible.

Emir Vohra skiing

When Emir isn’t developing new marketing strategies at Worldwide Boat, you can find him continuing to expand his education, playing basketball, skiing or biking around Toronto.

Contact Emir
Email: emir@worldwideboat.com