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About Worldwide Boat Yacht Charter Brokers

Worldwide Boat LLC is a yacht broker company specializing in booking luxury charter vacations in some of the most exclusive destinations around the world. We’re an independent yacht broker and agency representing sailing boats and motor yachts worldwide.

Worldwide Boat consists of a vast network of charter specialists with extensive industry knowledge and experience. We are also a proud member of the following charter associations:

  • Charter Yacht Brokers Association
  • Florida Yacht Brokers Association
  • BVI Charter Yacht Society

Here are some of the key reasons to book your charter through us:

Choice: A Limitless Selection of Quality Yachts
Whether you enjoy crossing the seas in a classic sailboat, luxury motor yacht, mega-yacht, or sleek catamaran, we offer the best options. Choose from our wide array of vessels for the perfect one for you or your guests online, or allow us to provide our personal assistance and advice.

Personal Service: A Tailored Yacht Vacation Just for You
As a premier yacht charter company, we take pride in matching your personal preferences with the best-suited private yacht and, more importantly, the right crew for your group. Your itinerary and activities are customized based on your likes and interests to ensure that you experience exactly the vacation you want to have.

Expert Knowledge: Concierge Help and Advice
Our knowledgeable, friendly professionals are constantly traveling around the world to inspect active yachts on the charter market and personally meet the captain and crew. Only the yachts that meet the highest standards of quality and professional service will be recommended for your vacation. We are an experienced yacht broker here to share our seasoned travel experiences and knowledge of exotic destinations. We want to find for you the right yacht with top-notch service that carries all of the mind-blowing features, amenities, and “toys” you’re looking for.

Consistent Support: Always There for You
Whether you are new to using yacht rentals or a veteran vacationer, your needs are our top priority. No request is too small or too big; we are always available to help you with your yacht charter. Booking the right vessel, offering destination advice, talking about options, and organizing your meals and itinerary are all within our wheelhouse!

Independent: Unbiased, Honest Service From a Trustworthy Yacht Agency
Our advice is free and unbiased. Unlike other yacht agencies out there, we’re 100% independent. That means your perfect charter vacation is our goal; we have no financial incentive to suggest a yacht unless it is right for you.

Customer Satisfaction: Great Vacations Are Our Priority
From the time you contact us to the time you are off the boat, our only goal is to ensure that you and your guests have the most memorable and fun charter experience ever! We invite you to take advantage of our expertise and allow us to offer you the same attention we offer to all of our clients. We look forward to helping you pick the right boat and plan your next vacation on the water.

Worldwide Boat Career Opportunities

We are currently looking for an experienced retail charter broker to join our team. The broker should have established relationships with central agents, be familiar with industry standard contracts and have excellent location and product knowledge. At the moment, Worldwide Boat is only accepting applications from retail brokers with over 2 years experience who have attended at least two boat shows in the past 2 years and are based in Florida, California, New England or the Mediterranean. If you’d like to find out if you would be a good fit with our team, contact Katja Kukovic via email to schedule a confidential phone call.

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Information and Website Use
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Brokerage Services
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