Explore Tahiti on a crewed yacht charter

A yacht charter in Tahiti will take you to the world of white sandy beaches against turquoise waters and lush volcanic mountains. French Polynesia, often called Tahiti after the largest of the islands, is a group of five archipelagos comprised of 118 islands in the South Pacific Ocean.


The protective coral reefs not only provide smooth sailing, they house an amazing system of plant and marine life. One of the popular yacht charter areas are the Society Islands, which are made up of Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora, and Huahane. The islands may be small – their land mass equals that of the state of Rhode Island – they span a wide range across the South Pacific to include an area that equates that of Western Europe. One of the awe-inspiring aspects of the islands is how some lie so low in the water that you don’t know you are approaching until you are almost there, while other can be seen miles away reaching from the blue expanse in the form of tall mountains and silent volcanoes.

The allure of Tahiti draws many intrigued yacht charter guests, and Tahiti Boat can take you there in a luxury yacht. You’ll be amazed as you approach the islands and can smell the fresh fragrance of tropical flowers before you even reach the shore. Snorkeling, sunbathing, and water sports all add to the charm of a Tahiti yacht charter.

Our charter specialists at Tahiti Boat can ensure that your yacht charter exceeds your expectations. We can personalize your vacation from dining options to your itinerary to your activities, so that you and your guests experience a motor or sailing yacht charter designed specifically for you! Call today so that we can make your Tahiti dreams a reality.