Crewed yacht charter in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is not technically a sea, but a part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is almost completely surrounded by land, and in fact, the name itself means “middle earth” or “inland.” The sea is surrounded by many exciting destinations for a yacht charter, such as Cannes, Ibiza, France, Spain, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and Croatia.


The French Riviera is just one of the yacht charter locations in the Mediterranean that is ever-growing in popularity. With 80 miles of beautiful beaches, this area attracts visitors from all over the world. As charter guests skip from town to town along the coast, you will explore everything from the luxurious resort to the rustic charm of a tiny village.

A Mediterranean yacht charter itinerary may include:

  • The Balearic Islands: Gothic castles, lively harbors, and sandy beaches.

  • Corsica and Sardinia: Steep rugged mountains, stunning clear waters, luxury and style; all without the crowded taverns and wild nightlife.

  • Italy : The Amalfi Coast with secluded natural beauty, old fashioned charm of the Italian Riviera, the spectacular views from the island of Sardinia, and the unique culture of Sicily.

  • France : The French Riviera is one of the most popular charter destinations in the world.

  • Monaco : A small country with a lot to offer in the way of entertain, such as with the magnificent casino or the Monaco Grand Prix.

  • Croatia : Steeped in history, the coastline consists of Istria, Kvarner, and Dalmatia.


Charter areas: Amalfi Coast, Antibes, Balearic Islands, Cannes, Corsica, French Riviera, Italian Riviera, Monaco, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, St Tropez

Event charters: Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, MIDEM, MIPCOM, MIPIM, MIP TV