Explore Galapagos on a crewed yacht charter

Galapagos is the perfect destination for a yacht charter for adventouros people. The Galapagos Islands offers an enticing escape for yacht charter guests interested in history, nature, and wildlife. The unique landscape of volcanic islands moored in deep blue ocean make a stunning environment for enjoying a variety of activities that extend from photography, water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so much more.



The Galapagos are a series of mountainous islands that straddle the Equator in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of thirteen large islands, six isles, and numerous cays. The archipelago, which is considered part of Ecuador, extends over 19,000 square miles of the Pacific. The sea is calm and protected in most cases. The weather is ideal in the warm months, although many individuals choose to visit during the summer months when the marine life is more active. From July through November, tourists to the area will have the opportunity to spot whale sharks.

The islands are most well-known for their connection to Charles Darwin, who spent years studying the animal life in the Galapagos and working on his Theory of Natural Selection. Visitors to the islands can enjoy the Charles Darwin Research Station and have the opportunity to see giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas, and a large array of birds.

Galapagos yacht charter guests can tour the stunning landscape aboard a luxury sailing or motor yacht, a catamaran, or a monohull. The friendly yacht charter specialists at Galapagos Boat can assist you in choosing your itinerary and activities and personalizing your charter specifically for you. Your friendly crew will take care of you from serving special cocktails to specifically-prepared meals to teaching you how to take the helm and set sail. We at Galapagos Boat will cater to your wishes and provide knowledgeable and friendly service for your vacation or special occasion.