Crewed yacht charters in the Caribbean

Caribbean yacht charters are an excellent method of enjoying the area, especially since it is made up such a large variety of islands – from the uninhabited cay to the secluded nature-lovers paradise to the fashionable hot spot.

The Caribbean has been a popular yacht charter destination for generations – and with good reason! Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, towering palm trees against clear blue skies make for a picture-perfect getaway.


Virgin Islands yacht charters

St. Thomas , a cosmopolitan island with unbeatable shopping, is a popular destination and a common starting point for Caribbean yacht charters. St. John, while small, holds its own among the US Virgin Islands. This natural beauty is home to Trunk Bay, featuring an underwater trail that is a snorkeler’s dream. Tortola, which can also be the beginning location for a Caribbean boat charter, is a large, mountainous island with plenty of lush greenery. Norman Island, though uninhabited, is famous for its pirate-filled past. Peter Island is a quiet getaway, while Jost Van Dyke boasts happy hour almost every hour. The Baths on Virgin Gorda are one of the top ten destinations in the Caribbean, while Anegada is a secret spot for those looking for something different. More on the Virgin Islands.

Leeward Islands yacht charters

Classy Anguilla offers an amazing mix of delicious cuisine and world-class style. St. Martin, an island shared by France and Netherlands Antilles, is a mix of upbeat nightlife and relaxed sunbathing. Saba offers the best in water activities and marine life, all without the flashy resorts often seen on the other Caribbean islands. St. Barts may be small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in substance. From the breathtaking views to the mouth-watering meals, St. Barts is a pleasure worth visiting. Antigua and Barbuda are ideal for Caribbean yacht charters. These islands feature water activities and nature above elaborate tourist attractions. St. Kitts and Nevis are separated by a channel of water, but are joined in their natural beauty. While beach and sea are expected in a Caribbean destination, these islands also offer a dormant volcano, exotic tropical plants, and even an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the vervet monkey. More on the Leeward Islands.

Windward Islands yacht charters

Martinique, or the “Isle of Flowers,” is an excellent destination for a Caribbean yacht charter. Yachting has grown in popularity on the island, and many businesses cater to those who visit via boat charter. St. Lucia is a wild, tropical beauty that is simply unforgettable, particularly the two coastal peaks, the Pitons, which rise 2000 feet above the sea. St. Vincent and the Grenadines were featured in the Johnny Depp movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and have become increasingly more popular because of their stunning scenery. Grenada is a rugged island with cascading waterfalls and aromatic spices. More on the Grenadines.

Caribbean islands and charter areas:

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