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Holiday Vacation: Snow and Slush vs. Sun and Sand

You may still have time to book a yacht charter to the Bahamas for the holidays! It’s up to you to make the decision.

You could spend your holiday vacation here:

slush snow traffic

Or, if you book now, you can spend your vacation here:

Yacht Islander

With this view:

Stocking Island, Bahamas

While being surprised at seeing this:

Bahamas vacation

And in awe at feeding these:

Bahamas vacation

You’ll enjoy winning a few bucks here:

Atlantis Paradise Island

 And gaining a few pounds eating this:

Yacht charter vacation menu

 While playing with this:

Bahamas yacht charter

Or these:

bahamas yacht charter

And at the end of the day, you’ll sleep here:

Bahamas yacht charter

So where do you want to be this winter? In the slush and traffic? Or in the sun and sand? Take a moment and contact us. Perhaps your ideal winter vacation is still available!


The Virgin Islands: Where Summer Spends the Winter

BVI yacht charters

The leaves are starting to change colors and fall. The temperatures are dropping. Soon the snow will be falling. While you may not be able to completely escape the cold weather, the slush in the streets, and that bitter wind that takes your breath away, you may be able to avoid it for a little while with a BVI yacht charter.

Pack your bathing suit and sunscreen and head to where summer goes for the winter months… theVirgin Islands! Go swimming in the crystal blue waters, lay on the sandy beaches, explore tropical paradises, and sail into the setting sun… all while the snow piles up at home.

Read articles and BVI charter news and plan your winter escape now.

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