The Kornati Islands: An Ideal Charter Destination

Kornati Islands yacht charter by @worldwideboatThe Kornati Islands consist of about 130 islands and islets in a beautiful area of the Adriatic Sea. The rocky islands are part of the Dalmatia region of Croatia and make for excellent charter territory. While trees and grass are absent from the islands, you can expect to see what is known as Mediterranean scrub, which includes an array of sweet-smelling bushes like lavender, juniper, myrtle, sage, and rosemary.

However, the islands themselves are not what draw the numerous yacht charters to the Kornati Islands. It is the unique shape of the islands against the sea. You’ll find stunning coves, quiet inlets, and secluded bays. You can explore caves or hike the cliffs to overlook the expanse of blue water below.

The islands consist of Kornat, the largest, as well as other major islands of Piskara, Zut, Sit, Kurba Vela, Levrnaka, and Vrgada. Most of the islands are uninhabited, although you may find that some have flocks of sheep or crops such as citrus fruit, figs, grape vines, and olives where the locals from Croatia have tamed the rough landscape.

The Kornati Islands have been made a National Park, and as you cruise the area, you’ll see why. The unique landscape as well as the active marine environment is worth protecting. Divers enjoy exploring the reefs, particularly around Rasip and Dugi Otok.

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