Holiday Vacation: Snow and Slush vs. Sun and Sand

You may still have time to book a yacht charter to the Bahamas for the holidays! It’s up to you to make the decision.

You could spend your holiday vacation here:

slush snow traffic

Or, if you book now, you can spend your vacation here:

Yacht Islander

With this view:

Stocking Island, Bahamas

While being surprised at seeing this:

Bahamas vacation

And in awe at feeding these:

Bahamas vacation

You’ll enjoy winning a few bucks here:

Atlantis Paradise Island

 And gaining a few pounds eating this:

Yacht charter vacation menu

 While playing with this:

Bahamas yacht charter

Or these:

bahamas yacht charter

And at the end of the day, you’ll sleep here:

Bahamas yacht charter

So where do you want to be this winter? In the slush and traffic? Or in the sun and sand? Take a moment and contact us. Perhaps your ideal winter vacation is still available!


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