Wreck of the Rhone: Scuba Diving in the BVI

Rhone dive site

Wreck of the Rhone

The RMS Rhone has been voted the #1 wreck in the Caribbean, and for good reason.

The RMS Rhone was built in 1865 in England. It was one of the first ever iron-hulled ships and was pronounced “unsinkable” by the British Royal Navy. It measured 310 feet long with two masts and was powered by both sail and steam.

On October 29, 1867, the back end of the category 3 San Narciso Hurricane slammed the Rhone into Black Rock Point of Salt Island in the BVI.

The shipwreck site was turned national park and is now one of the best scuba diving locations in the Caribbean. The bow is still fairly intact and you’ll see plenty of fishes, lobsters, eels, octopi, and turtles. The deepest part of the dive is 85 feet. You can visit the Rhone every year and always find something new on your dive.

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  1. A haunting wreck indeed, and what a synthesis between nature and the man-made! Diving there must be fascinating.