About Bahamas yacht charters

Why are the Bahamas one of the world's top yacht charter destinations? The answer is simple - the Bahamas consist of twenty-nine islands, over 650 cays, and thousands of rocky islets. The weather is absolutely perfect with mild temperatures and warm water year round. These factors together make the Bahamas an ideal destination for motor as well as sailing yacht charters.

The coral reefs and warm waters make for one of the largest varieties of marine life in the Caribbean. Since the waters in the Bahamas are crystal-clear, you’ll experience the best snorkeling. You’ll have a front row seat to a display of colorful fish and stunning reef formations. On your charter you may see dolphins and whales, and you can even join a shark feed!

Bahamas yacht charters provide an array of activities including deep sea fishing, diving to a movie-set shipwreck, exploring underwater caves, and so much more. You’ll have access to the most secluded islands and enjoy the white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters.


Best time to charter in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are a great charter destination year around. More info on best time to charter in the Bahamas


While lying on a white-sand beach, swimming in the clear turquoise waters, and sipping a tropical cocktail are activities that come to mind for a Bahamas vacation, the islands offer so many more diverse things to do, that you’ll be certain to never be bored. More info on activities on Bahamas yacht charters.


Bahamas Itineraries

The Bahamas offer a variety of exciting charter destinations. If you wish to experience a great night life and glamour, then the Atlantis would be the stop for you. If you wish to go somewhere far far away from it all, then spend a week exploring the Exumas. Click here to learn more about Bahamas charter itineraries.