Top Six Beaches in Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece is known for its amazing landscape. Once a powerful volcano, the remaining caldera offers a unique scene of high walls. The whitewashed buildings with brightly-colored accents form a pattern that reflects the sunlight. These mountainside villages are the epitome of Santorini.

Even with its awe-inspiring scenery, many people head to Santorini simply for its fabulous beaches. Below, find the most popular beaches on the island and what makes them famous.

  1. Perissa Beach: Located on the eastern side of the island, this black sand beach may be a bit touristy, but the massive rock known as Mesa Vouno that sits in the deep blue waters makes tolerating the crowds worthwhile.
  2. Kamari Beach: Also in the east, this beach is quite similar to Perissa in that it offers the same black sandy landscape; however it offers a completely different feel.
  3. Red Beach: Near Akrotiri, this quieter beach has black and red volcanic rocks that make it quite memorable.
  4. Monolithos Beach: Situated near Kamari, this beach is close to the airport, but offers less accomodations and taverns, making it a much less crowded area.
  5. Cape Columbo Beach: Located in the northeastern portion of the island near the village of Finikia, the beach has impressive rock formations and a quiet atmosphere.
  6. Perivolos Beach: Perivolos is essentially a continuation of Perissa, offering the same black sandy beach.

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