About Alaska yacht charters

Alaska yacht charters allow charter guests to experience the magic of the Inside Passage of southeastern Alaska from the comfort and luxury of a high-quality, performance yacht. Yachts cruise past massive blue glaciers, which are calving chunks of ice into the sparkling water below. You’ll tour through narrow fjords to visit cities such as Petersburg, Wrangell, Ketchikan, and of course, Juneau.

Wild Alaska offers an amazing amount of wildlife and nature, which lends itself to a unique and memorable yacht charters. You’ll explore the Tongass National Forest, which is home to soaring bald eagles with their nests built high in the towering pines and mountain ledges. You’ll pass by both brown and black bears foraging in the bushes along the crystal clear streams. You’ll cruise near spawning salmon, puffins fluffing their feathers, and lounging sea lions. Humpback whales and orcas will swim alongside the yacht, allowing you to get close views and fabulous photographs of these majestic creatures.

Our Alaska yacht charters are custom-designed with our guests' wants and needs in mind. We’ll help you develop an itinerary that takes you to all of the destinations you want to visit and plan out activities that will make your vacation exactly what you want it to be. You’ll cruise through iceberg-filled waters to secluded islands, where you’ll experience first-hand all that wild Alaska can offer you.

Best time to charter Alaska

The great state of Alaska draws yacht charter guests annually to view its beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife. From the top of the majestic mountains with soaring eagles nesting in the tops of pine trees to her clear, tranquil waterways teeming with spawning salmon, Alaska is truly a wonderland. However, Alaska’s greatest shortfall is the weather, making the charter season only a few months long. More info on best time to charter in Alaska.


A yacht charter to the Inner Passage of Alaska offers a wide variety of activities and sites to see that are unique to this magnificent state. More info on activities on Alaska yacht charters.

Charter Itineraries

An Alaska yacht charter is unlike any other vacation in the world. Cruising through ancient forests, you’ll hear the loud cracking of ice, as glaciers calve to drop icebergs into the water below. There are a variety of charter itineraries to choose from.